First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
To Know God and Make God Known
The church is located at the corner of Nall and Eugene Streets
(1826 Nall St. Port Neches, TX 77651). 
We are three blocks north of Magnolia (FM 366) on Nall. Parking is located
in the back of the building. 
The church office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and closed for Lunch 12-1pm.
Fridays we are open from 8am-12pm. 
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From the Pastor

Dear Church Family, Today I want to talk to you about marketing. According to the dictionary marketing is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” Now, in the church we might not be selling a product but we certainly are actively promoting a service and that service is discipleship. We want people to know Jesus Christ in their lives and we want them to share Jesus with others so that they too can know Christ. And so, it is important that people know about this service of discipleship and it is important for us, as a church, to make ourselves known to our community. In this month of stewardship I think it is important for us to think about being stewards of our “brand” as the United Methodist Church in Port Neches. How well do we use this gift of being the UMC in our community? What are we doing to use this gift to its fullest so that our church can be abundantly fruitful? As a 135 year old congregation are we still a relevant part of Port Neches? How do people perceive our church? Do they even know who we are and do they know that we exist? Do we accurately reflect our community and are we actively spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community? Tough questions… For those who have seen the Pipeline recently you may have noticed that we are looking into updating our logo so that we can become more recognizable as First United Methodist Church, Port Neches. Our logo is one of the many ways that we make ourselves visible to the community and we need to decide if there is a way to make ourselves even more visible in a positive way. Now, there is not necessarily anything wrong with our current logo and, in fact, it has many good features. It is warm, colorful, and displays the five aspects of membership in the United Methodist Church (prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness). However, the logo is not easily recognizable outside our congregation, it’s somewhat crowded, and does not specifically reflect our congregation (verses any other United Methodist Church). So, I have spent some time over the last few months coming up with an idea for a new logo for our church.

The logo (see logo at the top of this home page) reflects two important features of our church – our tower and the white cross at the park. It is simple, which makes it easier to use in print and social media, and it has the potential to be recognized by people outside our congregation. But…that’s my opinion. If you have an opinion, or question, or other ideas then I invite you to let me know. It is my vision that we become a powerful disciple-making force in our community and we need to let everyone know just how amazing our church can be. Michael  






Port Neches - First United Methodist Church

1826 Nall Street

Port Neches TX 77651

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