First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 27, 2016
To Know God and Make God Known
The church is located at the corner of Nall and Eugene Streets
(1826 Nall St. Port Neches, TX 77651). 
We are three blocks north of Magnolia (FM 366) on Nall. Parking is located
in the back of the building. 
The church office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and closed for Lunch 12-1pm.
Fridays we are open from 8am-12pm. 
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From the Pastor

Dear Church Family, It has been about a month since my family came to Port Neches and I can honestly say that I am finally getting a feel for the layout of our community. I may never understand the physical dividing line between Port Neches and Nederland, but I’m sure that when the football season rolls around I will at least start to see allegiances between the purple and the black and gold. Something that I have truly enjoyed over the last few weeks has been the home meetings that we have held at different members’ homes in our community. These meetings have given me the opportunity to meet small groups of people from our congregation in a quiet and personal setting and I am starting to match faces with names as I get to know more people. Now, if you are not on schedule yet to host a home meeting, or if you have not yet been invited to a meeting in your area, please know that we are still working on setting up more of these opportunities so that we can get to know each other better. At one of these home meetings last week I started to hear a pattern from different people as they talked about their journey that led them to First United Methodist Church, Port Neches. At least three different people mentioned that it was the United Methodist practice of open communion which made them leave their former church home and come to our congregation. I was amazed to learn that the simple practice of open communion has had such a dramatic effect upon people within our church family and it really got me to thinking about just how important open communion is for us as Methodists. You see, we believe that the communion table is truly Christ’s table and therefore everyone who is seeking to live a life in Christ is welcome at the table. Therefore it does not matter how young or old you are, or if you are a member of the church or not, or if you really like the pastor’s sermon or not – everyone is welcome to receive communion in the United Methodist Church. We believe that communion is a place where people can experience God’s grace and so what right would we have to keep someone from experiencing that amazing grace. To know that there are people out there who have felt excluded at other churches, but who felt welcome in the United Methodist church because of communion, is a big deal in my opinion. I can tell you that I have known people in the past who felt closest to God when they were receiving communion, and the fact that we can help people feel such closeness is an amazing thing. I can even remember receiving communion when I was barely old enough to run around without a diaper on, and yet still today this lifetime Methodist cherishes the fact that I have always had the chance to experience God’s grace during communion. The next time you share communion with us think about just how much power is in that bread and cup, both for us as Christians and as the people of FUMC, Port Neches. I want to close by saying that being an open congregation is what makes us unique in our community. Few churches can say that they welcome all kinds of people to take parts in all aspects of the church like we can as United Methodists. We are the place where people can go to experience God when they have been unable to experience the Lord elsewhere. Let us hold on to that basic part of our identity and truly open our arms and our hearts to everyone around us. 







Port Neches - First United Methodist Church

1826 Nall Street

Port Neches TX 77651

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